Lake Drive Books gladly welcomes Caroline Beidler, MSW. With twenty years of leadership within social work and ministry, Beidler is a recovery advocate and author of Downstairs Church: Finding Hope in the Grit of Addiction and Trauma Recovery. Her forthcoming Fall 2024 book with Lake Drive will explore the connection between intergenerational trauma, recovery, and healing, offering five rhythms of transformation.

You may have heard of intergenerational trauma, often referred to as ancestral or generational trauma, a concept that underscores how the trauma experienced by one generation can have a lasting impact on their descendants. This phenomenon has profound implications for those seeking recovery from addiction.

Drawing on her personal experience and professional expertise as a social worker, recovery ministry leader, and trauma survivor,  Beidler hopes to explore the link between intergenerational trauma and healing, including addiction recovery. Her new book with Lake Drive will explore five transformational rhythms of healing—self protection, forgiveness, leaning in, getting real, and discovering deeper faith.

Speaking from personal experience, Beidler writes:

When we’re 180 degrees removed from trauma, we have the ability to see with new eyes. Search the past (though not to stay there) for clues. To see the way the muck of our own lives resembles, in some ways, that of our mothers or fathers or grandmothers or great-grandmothers. To ask the questions: what is it about our family trees that allows particular forms of trauma to spread like a disease? Why do our lineages seem to foster sexual trauma, addiction, and more? And how can we move beyond this? How can we fly above the mess and live in freedom, breaking the cycle so that we can live more joyfully and ensure that our children won’t have to live in our chains?

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Welcome, Caroline, to Lake Drive Books. We can’t wait to bring your insight and discoveries about breaking the cycle of trauma and finding recovery into the book world.