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A Memoir of Abuse, Betrayal, and Transformation

Christa Brown

Baptistland weaves together a story of love, hope, and spiritual transformation despite a troubled Southern family, society, and religion that places women as less than, and ignores its own transgressions and hypocrisy.

You Are Not Your Trauma

You Are Not Your Trauma

Uproot Unhealthy Patterns, Heal the Family Tree

Caroline Beidler, MSW with Diana Dalles, LPN, MSSW

Identify unhealthy patterns that keep you stuck and learn how to live more freely in your life without your trauma—or your family’s trauma—holding you back. Mental health expert Caroline Beidler will guide you along five rhythms that promote trauma healing and recovery.

You Are Not Your Trauma
Cradled in the Arms of Compassion

Cradled in the Arms of Compassion

A Spiritual Journey from Trauma to Recovery

Frank Rogers Jr., PhD

Cradled in the Arms of Compassion is at once a narrative account of transformation and a spiritual memoir that details the survivor’s journey. It's an extraordinary application of imaginative meditation that readers and practitioners will find utterly fascinating.

Cradled in the Arms of Compassion
Theologizin' Bigger

Theologizin' Bigger

Homilies on Living Freely and Loving Wholly

Trey Ferguson

Pastor, podcaster, and public theologian Trey Ferguson encourages you to re-engage your imagination, and to construct theologies that speak to our current contexts, just as people of faith have done throughout history.

Theologizin Bigger
Faith Doesn't Erase Grief

Faith Doesn't Erase Grief

Embracing the Experience and Finding Hope

Kate J. Meyer, MDiv, LPC

The grieving process is part of being human, but far too often, grievers are rushed into rejoicing that their loved one is in heaven. It is time for a better way to acknowledge that you can struggle with grief and still love God.

Faith Doesn't Define Grief


poems on reclaiming the pieces of ourselves and creating something new

Marla Taviano

Marla Taviano sets out on a journey to become whole after faith deconstruction, a journey you too will enjoy in these poems about looking back to move forward, new thoughts on god, our inner lives, embodied living, and books, books, books.

whole by Marla Taviano
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At an Intersection on Queer Inclusion, But Not on the Fence

At an Intersection on Queer Inclusion, But Not on the Fence

As humans in polite society, we know when it’s socially acceptable to avoid certain topics. Politics, finances, a secret penchant for blaring Nickelback alone in the car—we all pick and choose what to reveal in various settings. I could retreat into vague statements of pseudoconsent and have a shot at becoming a well-loved professor like I’d always dreamed. Or, I could be brave, like Danny before me, and take a step out into territory from which there would be no return.

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