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Questions for a God I Hope Exists

Julia Rocchi

From a place of doubting and questioning faith comes Amen?, a collection of personal prayers and essays for practicing penitents and devoted doubters. With fresh imagery and prose to help you pause, this book encourages our hesitant hopes and welcomes us to admit doubt, invite joy, and grapple with mystery.

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A Story of Faith, Identity, and Authenticity

Cynthia Vacca Davis

Intersexion is a harrowing, hopeful exploration of the cost of coming out—as a sexual minority, ally, or asker of difficult questions—and what it means to come into one’s own. It’s a book for anyone craving a more authentic life, a book about intersections we find ourselves in by no choice of our own.

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Faith Doesn't Erase Grief

Faith Doesn't Erase Grief

Embracing the Experience and Finding Hope

Kate J. Meyer, MDiv, LPC

The grieving process is part of being human, but far too often, Christian grievers are rushed into rejoicing that their loved one is in heaven. It is time for a better way to acknowledge that you can struggle with grief and still love God. Licensed professional counselor and ordained minister Kate Meyer walks you through the grieving process, and encourages grievers and shows them how to find hope.

Faith Doesn't Define Grief
Bring It Home

Bring It Home

The Adventure of Finding Yourself after Being Lost in Religion

Matt Kendziera

Bring It Home offers engaging, funny, and touching stories of rediscovering yourself after being lost in too much religion, helping you better see the original blueprint of your own life. You were created for a real and meaningful life and a deep connection to the divine. Digging up what has been buried can be the most thrilling adventure.

Bring It Home by Matt Kendziera
Help Trauma

Help, I'm Dealing with Trauma

Real Talk, Real Encouragement, and Real Healing

Lemuel R.T. Blackett

What does trauma look like, how does it show up in your life, and what do you do about it? In Help, I’m Dealing with Trauma, Lemuel R.T. Blackett reveals uncensored, real-life experiences that have shaped him, and reminds you how resiliency, faith, getting help, and believing in yourself are the simple things that will see you through.

Help, I'm Dealing with Trauma cover
Lost Faith and Wandering Souls

Lost Faith and Wandering Souls

A Psychology of Disillusionment, Mourning, and the Return of Hope

David Morris

Lost Faith and Wandering Souls acknowledges the religious identity crisis of our time and the full power of the psychological journey. By looking beneath the surface at deeper, lifelong dynamics, it shows a way to mourn our losses individually and socially so we can move to a healthier spirituality.

Lost Faith and Wandering Souls
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