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The Lake Drive Books Team

Our team is made up of experienced, selectively chosen professional editors, designers, and compositors who join us as self-starters and entrepreneurs on our publishing strategy. Our team also includes our printing and distribution partners, our fellow Independendant Book Publishers Association colleagues, royalties and accounting professionals, and more. Our Lake Drive Books teamwork values include strong communication, equitable relationships, empowering others, humility, and integrity.

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David Morris


David Morris is a long-time student of the personal journey of faith in the United States, the publisher at Lake Drive Books, a literary agent at Hyponymous Literary, and an author. After nearly 30 years of experience, including as a vice president and publisher with HarperCollins, his philosophy is to create focus among spiritually innovative authors and apply his experience in any way they need it, regardless of whether it’s publishing or agenting. Learn more at davidrmorris.me and LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Emily Einolander

Emily Einolander

Managing Editor

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Emily is the owner of Hybrid Pub Scout Media, helping authors create beautiful books that enrich, entertain, and educate their readers. Emily’s background has introduced them to a range of interests including music, environmental consciousness, philanthropy, international travel, and more. Their work includes writing, editing, and managing book and web projects. Emily has a master’s in writing with an emphasis in Book Publishing from Portland State University. Follow Emily at the Hybrid Pub Scout podcast on Instagram

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