A Sassy Memoir about Coming Out of Evangelicalism

Brandon Flanery

“Brandon Flanery’s Stumbling is an intimate and inspiring look into the journey through the rigid and repressive world of evangelical faith toward authenticity and an expansive faith as a queer wanderer.”
Brandan Robertson, author of Dry Bones and Holy Wars

If you’re happily sitting in pews on Sundays and contently studying the Bible on Wednesdays, you’ll likely hate this book. It talks about sex, has cursing, asks heretical questions, and oh, the author is gay. 

But God is in this book. 

With so many churches and politicians manufacturing controversies about the queer community, writer and TikTok maven Brandon Flanery brings us Stumbling: A Sassy Memoir about Coming Out of Evangelicalism. It’s a story that is so very real, often laugh inducing, and ultimately oh so beautiful. 

After standing in the rubble of his faith and a voracious sex life, Flanery explores what it means to be a gay human after coming out of the closet and out of evangelicalism. His is a story of falling, stopping, stalling, rising, and always stumbling. He offers anecdotes about his time as a missionary and youth pastor, his journey of coming out and the rejection he faced, and the failed attempt to travel halfway across the globe to start over. Flanery tells a heartbreaking story of loss, analyzes pieces of his past, and finds answers that say he’s so much more than the labels that define him. 

This is a book for those who doubt, are angry, hurting, and whose prayers go unanswered. Above all else, it’s a book that can help you navigate your own path and find a goodness you can believe in. Happy stumbling.

Stumbling by Brandon Flanery
Coming August 2023

Paperback: $18.95
eBook: $9.99

Brandon Flanery

Brandon Flanery writes about honest, messy things, specifically around faith and sexuality. He’s published with the Colorado Springs Indy, The ScribeBaptist News Global, and has academic essays with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. His forthcoming memoir is about being raised in evangelical Christendom as a closeted gay man, and unwinding what is real and true for him post-closet, an ever-twisting journey—full of trailblazing, thorn bushes, and dead ends. He lives in Atlanta.

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