Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts. There are quite a few podcasts about questioning religion, faith deconstruction, atheism and agnosticism, and not necessarily being an evangelical Christian. It’s an explosive medium for hosts and listeners who feel they can’t have these conversations in religious communities (aka churches). That says a lot about so many churches.

At Lake Drive Books, we’ve been grateful for the following podcasts that are hosting these vibrant, dynamic conversations. And some of these podcasts have interviewed our authors.

We’d like to call attention to a handful of these podcasts below (there are plenty more). Pick your lane, and you won’t be disappointed to find people who, like you, want to ask questions and create accountability, tell stories and find community, and start thinking about what life looks like spiritually and religiously as we walk into the future.

Here they are in no certain order or ranking. Just click through a few and chances are you’ll find a good one for your next drive, walk, or for listening while around your home.