Friends of Lake Drive Books,

I’m so pleased to announce that Brandon Flanery’s Stumbling: A Sassy Memoir about Coming Out of Evangelicalism is now on sale! This is one LGBTQ memoir you don’t want to miss.

Stumbling is part of our effort to tell real-life stories, often from the margins. By doing so, it helps us all feel seen. It helps us heal, grow, and discover.

Reading Flanery’s book will indeed help you discover what it’s like for those who must hide from and not be seen by the evangelical mindset, what happens when they refuse to do so, and how we better discover ourselves when we show our full humanity.

NakedPastor David Hayward says: “Honest, vulnerable, delightful and disturbing.”

For the full description of Brandon’s book, see below.

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So grateful for you,

David Morris, Publisher

If you doubt and you’re angry, if you’re confused and hurting, if Sundays feel weird and you want something more, this book is for you.

As millions exit the church due to its politics and treatment of LGBTQ people, Brandon Flanery brings us Stumbling: A Sassy Memoir about Coming Out of Evangelicalism, an LGBTQ memoir that gives us a glimpse into why he and others are leaving and to show us the hope he’s found on the other side.

Flanery drank deep of the evangelical waters: growing up in a megachurch, working as a missionary and pastor, all while wearing a purity ring and Relient K t-shirt. Flanery gave his life to the church, but everything changed once he came out. Using moving and candid anecdotes, Flanery shares stories of hitchhiking and sex, betrayal and forgiveness, despair and hope, all with a sarcastic-yet-sincere humor that brings refreshing levity to pain.

Stumbling is a story of rediscovery and forging oneself after Christian deconstruction, inviting you to find your own way, a way that’s absolutely not perfect but definitely good. Happy stumbling.