Lake Drive Books authors are kicking butt. They are getting out there, helping make news, create conversations, and changing our world. Or how about we just say . . . making a difference. Below is a quick, probably not exhaustive, roundup of some recent goings on that you can check out, use as a healthy distraction, and maybe discover some new stuff.

Cynthia Vacca Davis’s (author of Intersexion) newsmaker article “What Sean Feucht Meant for Evil, Flamy Grant Experienced as Good” is a must read on Baptist News Global. See also Cynthia’s podcast episode with Flamy Grant below.

Julia Rocchi, author of Amen?, teamed up with Shannon K. Evans, author of Feminist Prayers for My Daughter, for an online Zoom meet up this month called “Midlife Crisis of Faith.” They talked about what faith looked like in early adulthood, what it’s like now (especially with kids and partners), and what it might look like ahead. The entire conversation along with audience Q&A is on the Lake Drive Books YouTube channel.

A few weeks back Scott Okamoto, author of Asian American Apostate, teamed up with novelists Naomi Hirahara and Aaron Philip Clark at Pasadena’s Octavia’s Bookshelf, which supports BIPOC writers.

AND THEN there was Brandon Flanery announcing the preorder availability of his debut memoir, Stumbling: A Sassy Memoir about Coming Out of Evangelicalism.

And if you want to read up on a little religious publishing history, see Lake Drive Books publisher David Morris’s “Books and Religion without Evangelicalism: Thoughts on Stephen Prothero’s God the Bestseller,” also on Baptist News (hey, they are doing some good things over there).

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