Two Lake Drive Books titles recieved mention in a recent Publishers Weekly article “Life Stories and Spiritual Journeys.”

“Coming [soon] from Lake Drive, Cradled in the Arms of Compassion: A Spiritual Journey from Trauma to Recovery by theologian and spiritual guide Frank Rogers, a survivor of child abuse and depression, shares how he discovered that a compassionate God can be found even in the worst of circumstances, says publisher David Morris.”

And . . .

“Brandon Flanery grew up in a megachurch and even worked as a pastor until he realized he was gay and charted a new life for himself. His memoir, Stumbling: A Sassy Memoir about Coming Out of Evangelicalism, coming in August from Lake Drive, aligns with the experiences of “millions of people who exit the church due to its politics and its treatment of LGBTQ+ people,” says publisher David Morris.”

These are simply nice mentions of these two forthcoming titles, but for those of you who want to know, click through to the article to see a round up of what’s new in the category of spiritual memoir and biography.