See video below where authors Trey Ferguson and Marla Taviano talk about some great books that help us learn and grow.

Trey Ferguson is a pastor. He’s been Black a long time. Marla Taviano is a former zealous Christian who has been white even longer than that.

Marla and Trey met on Twitter a couple years ago and became good friends. At first glance, they might not seem to have a lot in common but, as it turns out, they do. They share a passion for writing good words, reading good books, and what Trey calls “a commitment to wholeness.”

Trey grew up reading books by Black authors, but Marla (a voracious reader) was almost 40 years old when she woke up to the fact that almost all the authors she’d ever read were white. In 2017, she made an intentional decision to start reading primarily BIPOC authors, and it literally changed her life. Now she’s passionate about helping other white folks experience that too.

Along with your facilitator David Morris of Lake Drive Books, the event’s sponsor, this dynamic duo discussed some great books and how they can open up your world and expand your community.