I’m so glad to announce that Lake Drive Books recently signed pastor, theologian with a busy Twitter, and podcaster Trey Ferguson. By his own account, Trey likes playing with words. Whether it be with tweets, videos, essays, sermonic presentations, Bible studies, podcasts, or speaking engagements, he’s always trying to provoke an image in a seeker with some combination of words. Trey also publishes his own newsletter, The Son Do Move, and hosts the New Living Treyslation and Three Black Men podcasts.

Trey is fascinated with how our world shows us so much more diversity, not just because of all the different people we might meet, but because we have a way to discover so much difference in the digital landscape right on our phones. Trey writes:

“Because we have so much more information at our fingertips than at any other point in human history, we gotta think bigger. We have to theologize bigger. Relevant theologies demand that we change thought patterns and approaches to God talk. This book aims to provoke us to think outside of our theological comfort zones.”

I am personally excited to welcome Trey to Lake Drive Books because of his curiosity about the life of faith and how religion is changing, because of his creativity and courage, but also because of his straightforward, unassuming manner that aligns so well with our publishing.

I encourage you to follow Trey or subscribe to his newsletter, but also to consider making a contribution to his fundraiser to help pay for the cost of producing his new book, which will be out hopefully in less than a year. See Trey’s video below and contribute at the link above.  

At Lake Drive Books, we’re so excited that this innovative publishing business model enables an author like Trey to join in the upfront risk of publishing while also enjoying a far better royalty than conventional models. Trey will also benefit from quality publishing, relevant marketing, and distribution from Lake Drive Books.

David Morris, Publisher