I’m so glad to announce that Lake Drive Books recently signed writer Brandon Flanery. Brandon writes about honest, messy things, specifically around faith and sexuality. He’s published with the Colorado Springs Indy and The Scribe, and has academic essays with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. His forthcoming memoir is about being raised in evangelical Christendom as a closeted gay man, and unwinding what is real and true for him post-closet, an ever-twisting journey—full of trailblazing, thorn bushes, and dead ends. And don’t miss his TikTok feed. He lives in Colorado.

Three Lake Drive Books Authors to Speak at the Deconstructing Faith Summit

The second annual virtual Deconstructing Faith Summit will run from September 22-25, 2022 and contains a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions. Last year had over 1100 registrants and this year looks to be even bigger. The best part about this event is that general admission is totally free.

This year Lake Drive Books is a sponsor of the Summit that will feature LDB authors Scott Okamoto, Matt Kendziera, and Cynthia Vacca Davis bringing the goodness of their topics and insights to this audience that’s looking to find new ways of thinking about religion and faith.

In Other News

Kate Meyer was on the Your Bright Recovery podcast with Caroline Beidler about what healthy grieving looks like. Also, Kate’s book, Faith Doesn’t Erase Grief, just released in audio. Watch for a giveaway soon if you’d like a promo code for her audiobook.

Listen in on Cynthia Vacca Davis’s limited four-part podcast about the story behind her book Intersexion (with an appearance from Danny), all about allyship, and more.

Watch out for an announcement soon of preorder availability for Julia Rocchi’s Amen? Questions for a God I Hope Exists, about which author Audrey Clare Farley says, “Amen? is an absolute marvel of a book. Julia Rocchi writes with such grace and tenderness, and she is unafraid to ask hard questions, nor to think big.” Amen? will go on sale October 18, 2022.

Scott Okamoto launched his second season of the wildly revealing and funny podcast Chapel Probation. I just listened to one from August featuring Nate Nakao talking about his experience at Bob Jones University.

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David Morris, Publisher