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Editorial Vision

Books about Values and Strategies, Not Ideologies
The past certainties we’ve used to construct our identities are broken, but the future will be something new. It’s story, authenticity, beautiful symbolism, body and movement, and action shared in new community. We can create values around these rich components, not ideologies to recapture a past that never existed. Let’s be entrepreneurs for hope, inclusion, and empowerment.

Authors That Are Real
No gimmicks, no faux spirituality, no quick fix, no presumptuousness, and no fear. We work with authors that are grassroots and independent-minded. They are spiritually rich, contextually intelligent, focused on human flourishing, and eager to solve today’s problems. They tell real-life, gritty stories, aren’t afraid of the margins, and ask questions.

Helping Readers Own Their Culture
We now live in a more transparent world, and no one should have to hide. We can own our culture and understand what role it can play. We can proudly be who we are, but with greater compassion and relatability. We can shift our focus and our frame of mind in a world of multiple narratives.

Marketing Approach

Author Marketing and Platforming
As a publisher, we take the collaborative marketing relationship to a new level, and offer authors a fresh, visionary approach to partnership in the revolutionized publishing landscape. Instead of overpromising on a launch-based strategy, we’ll work with authors to help them platform their content for the long term with agile thinking and a proprietary author platform rubric. Authors can count on the publisher to help them build a viable strategy—whether through consistent publishing, speaking, a rich website, email list development, or social media, while also building a marketing plan for launching their book.

Publisher Platforming
The first thing authors will notice is that the publisher’s online platform will provide value-rich content and personality that consumers will come to rely on. In addition to social support, there will be a focused, emailed blog, adapted from author’s books, original submissions, and notes from the publisher. We’ll create a seamless link between a topically-driven website and lasting, long-form book content that is relevant to our time.

Partnership Publishing

Financial Model
We are a young publishing company focusing on new voices, and established voices looking for a more entrepreneurial, customized option. Our flexible financial model can offer a larger share of revenue, which translates into better royalty rates, especially if an author can invest in the early stages. Authors have more power than ever, but it can also be more work, so they should get rewarded.

True Author Collaboration
Authors can expect a more relational, customized publishing experience than with most publishers. Larger publishers can be blunt instruments, missing the nuances of an author platform, and still rely on the assumption that they have better sales and distribution than smaller houses. But that difference has collapsed, not just shrunk considerably. The smaller houses, the ones better connected and more loyal to their authors, can more meaningfully build and grow with them, with more precise collaboration and a stronger sense of partnership and expectations.


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